ORVED/TTOA Think Feed Discussion Board

Date: 05/14/2013

By: Caitlin Mahar

Subject: Think Feed from 4/24/2013

1. Provide the name of the video and the website/link.

The title of the video I watched is CatCam.

2. I chose this video because I have a strong interest in cats because I have three of my own.

3. The basic idea/story/plot of this video is a man in North Carolina takes in a stay cat named Mr. Lee. This man wonders where Mr. Lee goes when he is outside, so the man makes a camera for Mr. Lee's collar. The camera takes still pictures at first. The pictures become an internet sensation. Mr. Lee's camera eventually changes to a collar video camera.

4. What I learned is/ the importance of this is....

What I learned is that there is always a solution to finding out where your cat goes. Cats like to roam, but they will always come back to those who love them.

5. My personal response/connection is...(I agree/disagree/it reminds me of/makes me wonder/relates to me or not because/etc...)

I relate to the video in a way because my cat once left for a week, and I wondered where he went. If only I had a camera for him I'd know.

6. I would/would not recommend this video to other students because.....

I would recommend this video to other students because people who like both photography and cats will enjoy it. The pictures are nice, and the video of the cats talking to each other is funny.

PS. This is also posted in the Q4 Think Feed Link on the WG home page. Caitlin

Date: 03/08/2013

By: Mrs. Coyle

Subject: Posting your ThinkFeed Discussion Prompts

This is the page where you will post your responses to the videos you view to earn extra credit. Be sure to reply back to other students' posts respectfully and thoughtfully =]

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