Session 1:  What would you do?

For full ThinkFeed credit, be sure to explain your thoughts as fully as possible, with details and examples.  I suggest writing out your responses in a document first, proofread, then copy/paste into a new discussion post.


ABC News:  What Would You Do? Season 2 Episode 12  First Scenario

**HOA is in NO way advocating our students step into uncomfortable or compromising situations.  This is just an exercise in observation and reflection.


1. Before you watch, consider & respond briefly to the following:

  1. In what ways are all people the same?  Can you list our most basic human needs?
  2. In what ways can people be different? How do we put people into categories?

2. Click the link to watch the first scenario only-

Season 2 Episode 12  First Scenario:  Racial Bias in Coffee Shop. 


3. Stop the video as needed to respond to any or all questions/ however much or little as you would like:

  1. What is your initial reaction to this scenario?
  2. Do you agree/disagree with the psychologist’s ideas of ‘categories’ and how people act according to being in a group of not?
  3. Have you ever experienced or witnessed prejudice?
  4. Could this happen in our community?
  5. Do individual actions have an effect on the community at large?
  6. What are your final thoughts by the end of this scenario?

Be sure to respond to others students’ posts appropriately, whether you agree with their thoughts or not.