Session 5

April 10, 2013:

Today, we are completing a challenge activity and watching a video.  You can participate at home by watching the link provided below and discussing with everyone using the ‘reply’ at the bottom of this post.   For full ThinkFeed credit, be sure to explain your thoughts as fully as possible, with details and examples.  I suggest writing out your responses in a document first, proofread, and then copy/paste into a new discussion post.

1. Before you watch, consider and respond to the any or all of the prompts however much or little you are comfortable with:

  1. What shapes a person’s political beliefs?
  2. Do you consider yourself more liberal or conservative?
  3. Why do people argue over politics?

2. Click the link to watch the video:

“The Yin & Yang of Political Ideals”  from TED: Ideas Worth Spreading


3. Stop the video as needed to respond to any or all of the prompts, however much or little you are comfortable with:

  1. According to the speaker, where does our morality come from?
  2. Is there value in being open-minded to others’ views, even if they are opposing views to your own?
  3. Do you agree with this speaker?  Explain.
  4. What, if anything, did you take away from this video?

Be sure to respond to others students’ posts appropriately, whether you agree with their thoughts or not.