DBA Replacements = Your Module Exam


For up to 150 pts.: If there are more than 10 questions, you will choose only 10 to answer.  If there are less than 10, complete them all. Always answer the Final Reflection question.  Make sure you re-state ideas in your own words to reflect a basic understanding of the information. This is meant to be brief, just 3-4 sentences for each answer.  Do not copy/paste answers from the text!  I suggest writing as if you were telling me what you remember from the lessons, then going back if you need to and review your notes, the assignments, or the lesson links.  This work must reflect your voice!


For up to +50 pts. Extra Credit:  I will accept any graphic organizers, drawings, storyboards, mindmaps, audio links, or video (pretty much anything you can come up with!) as long as it is created by you, adds to what you know, and answers prompts fully. 

  •         Check out my Symbaloo Webmix – the CREATE link- for ideas & free websites.
  •         Get inspired by other students' work- Student Gallery.
ORVED STUDENTS! After you have submitted the written exam for each module, we will need to arrange a phone call to touch base on your progress.  This is now a requirement according to ORVED policy. Students will not be able to move ahead in the course until the written exam has been submitted successfully.