ORVED/TTOA Electives: Welcome to online class!



Sarah Coyle, M. Ed   scoyle@orved.org

Office Hours: Mon - Th.  4-6pm

I usually check attendance & grade work these times.

503-560-2107 Text me any time of day- I will call you back.


Everyone can pass this class!


Coursework Policies:

  • Work is graded according to due dates, usually once a week. I will enter 0's for missing work, but this can still be completed at any time for full credit.
  • Not a requirement, but I strongly suggest taking hand-written notes as you work through all the links in the lesson to stay organized and use on quizzes and exams.  
  • Be sure to read the feedback I leave to understand the grades you have earned. You can improve any work at any time for up to full credit.  
  • You can re-take quizzes and exams as often as you like. Be sure to go back through the lesson if you need to double-check information during a quiz.
  • To earn the most credit for the Discussion Questions,  you must answer fully with detail and examples to show what you have learned from the lesson.  


You can do this!                                                    

  • Stay on pace- keep up with due dates. 
  • Be organized- have a system for saving files.
  • Submit your best-effort work.
  • Communicate with me as needed.
  • Please contact me right away if you have a question or concern about anything.

That’s what I’m here for!  See you online.  =] Mrs. Coyle