Welcome to online class!

Please read over these course policies and then let's do our required welcome call.  Text me and we will figure out a time for the call that works best for you.



Sarah Coyle, M. Ed.   scoyle@orved.org

Office Hours:  Mon- Thurs 4-6pm  

503-560-2107 Text me any time of day- I will respond ASAP.


Attendance Policy: 

ORVED requires students check in 2 times a week for attendance in GENIUS.

A check-in means the student provides a specific update on the course.  This can be done using: the check-in button, a phone call, course message, email or text.

Missing 4 check-ins in a row (equal to 2 weeks of attendance) results in a 10-day drop from the course without further notice.

Coursework Policies:

  • Pre-Tests, Collaboration Assignments, & Class Discussions are all closed. Students will skip these in the course.
  • Work is graded according to your due dates. I usually only update grades once a week.  I will enter 0's for any missing work, but this work can be completed at any time during the course for full credit.
  • Be sure to set your Google Docs to share/edit with me (scoyle@orved.org) so I can open the files on my end and give you credit for your work.  If I am unable to open a file, I will temporarily set the grade to 0 to get your attention.
  • Not a requirement, but I strongly suggest keeping a notebook for this class to stay organized, take handwritten notes as you work through all the links in the lessons, and use on quizzes and DBAs.
  • Be sure to read the feedback I leave to understand the grades you have earned. (click on the grade) You can improve any work at any time for up to full credit.  
  • Written Assignments = can be replaced by written notes for up to 70% credit each.
  • Online Quizzes = can re-take as often as needed. These are 'open-book' assessments- look back through the lessons as needed.
  • Plagiarism is not accepted.  You must complete all work in your own “voice” every time.  NO 'copy-paste'.
  • Any research, including images, must be cited in the assignment.
  • Final Exam = students at an 80% or above after all coursework is complete are exempt from the Final Exam

You can do this!                                                                        

* Stay on pace- keep up with due dates.

* Be organized- have a system for saving your files.

* Submit your best-effort work.

* Communicate with me as needed.

Please contact me right away if you have a question or concern about anything.

That’s what I’m here for!   See you online,  Mrs. Coyle