For U.S. History courses only

Up to +25 points Extra Credit

Send as an attachment to my email. Put "Extra Credit" in the subject line.

1.  Choose one:  

A.  An article to discuss: The Lowdown

B.  An article or a video: PBS History

C.  An article or video: History Channel

D. An article or video : Smithsonian History

* For Lesson 2.04 8th US History specifically:   Video-John Adams:Declaration of Independence

2. Copy/paste prompts #1-6 from below and save into a work file. Write out your thoughts in complete sentences and proofread. Remember to explain your ideas fully using details and examples.


1. Provide the name of the website/link.

2. This selection interested me because/why I chose this selection.....

3. The basic idea/story/plot of this website activity is....

4. The importance of this is/ this relates to my social studies course because/ this added to my learning by......

5. My personal response/connection is...(I agree/disagree/it reminds me of/makes me wonder/relates to me or not because/etc...)

6. I would/would not recommend this article/video to other students because.....