Videos for All Social Studies Courses

Up to +25 points Extra Credit

Send as an attachment to my email. Put "Extra Credit" in the subject line.



1. Choose ANY video of interest to you from one of the following websites. It must relate in some way to your current social studies course. Watch the entire video.


· PBS American Experience

· PBS Faces of America

· PBS Point of View

· PBS The Human Spark

· PBS Frontline

· National Geographic

· National Geographic Youtube Channel

· History Channel Video Gallery

· History Channel on Youtube Channel

· New York Times Youtube Channel

· TedEd: Talks Worth Sharing

The Economist

BBC Horrible Histories



2. Copy/paste prompts #1-6 from below and save into a work file. Write out your thoughts in complete sentences and proofread. Remember to explain your ideas fully using details and examples.



1. Provide the name of the video and the website/link.

2. I chose this video because....

3. The basic idea/story/plot of this video is....

4. What I learned is/ the importance of this is/ this relates to my social studies course......

5. My personal response/connection is...(I agree/disagree/it reminds me of/makes me wonder/relates to me or not because/etc...)

6. I would/would not reccommend this video to other students because.....